Frequently Asked Questions

We are a self-hosting hotel which means you will not have to go through queues at the reception to check in! With our virtual reception, you can check in online, check-out happens automatically, and we are only one message away if you need us!

Since 2020, Ghent is located in a Low Emission Zone, this means that older cars with high emissions cannot enter the city centre to improve air quality in the city. If you want to check whether you can still enter the city or look at a map of the location of the LEZ you can visit:

These are the following options for parking:

 - Underground parking Vrijdagmarkt is around the corner and costs around 24 euros for 24 hours

 - You can park in the streets but make sure you choose an orange zone (6 euros per 24hours) as the red zone will cost much more (10 euros per 3 hours)

 - There are also several Park & Ride parkings around the city where you can leave your car for a very small fee or free and take public transportation into the city

If you would like to come before check in to drop off your luggage or if you would like to leave your luggage after check out, please let us know at / until what time in order to adjust your code of the main door. We do not have a closed space to keep your luggage but only guests staying in the building will have access.

We work with an automatic lock for the front door and your room, your personal access code will be sent to you one week prior to your arrival 

May we please draw your attention on the following points:

-            Wash your hands regularly and / or disinfect your hands.

-            We will not to enter your room during your stay. If you would require anything, please let us know.

-            Ventilate your room regularly.

-            We clean / disinfect doorknobs of the common areas daily.

We have coffee machines in our rooms which can also be used to get hot water (without a coffee pad). You can choose how much water you would like to add by selecting it with the lever on the coffee machine. The coffee capsule indicates it as well on the pod. We have individually wrapped coffee cups for hygienic purposes.

We offer free streaming on our TVs:

Movies & series on Apple TV+, Netflix, VTM Go

News on CNN, France 24, VTM Go en NOS

Miscellaneous on YouTube, TED, kitchen stories recipes and a fireplace with sound if you want something different!

All these are free streaming so if the account is not working, please let us know and we will assist you.

Your room can be heated and cooled. The remote control is in your room. If you require more info on how to make it work, please let us know

There is a hairdryer in your room under your bathroom sink

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