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Where should I park?

Since 2020, Ghent is located in a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). This means that older cars with or ones with high emissions cannot enter the city center to improve air quality in the city. You can check if your car is compliant with the norms using the link below. Is your car not registered in Belgium? Then you will need to register it before entering the city center, even if your car is compliant with the LEZ norms. Is your car not compliant? You can buy a day pass to enter the city center, or leave your car at one of the Park & Ride locations outside the LEZ and use public transport to reach your destination. For information and to register your vehicle you can visit:

These are the following options for parking:

  1. You can park in the streets but make sure you choose an orange zone (6 euros per 24hours) as the red zone will cost much more (10 euros per 3 hours)

  2. There are also several Park & Ride parkings around the city where you can leave your car for a very small fee or free and take public transportation into the city

  3. Underground parkings are around the corner of each of our hotels

    • The House of Edward & The House of Trade - Underground parking Vrijdagmarkt is around the corner and costs around 24 euros for 24 hours

    • A Flemish Tale & The Librarian - The street we are located in is a no-cars allowed zone. Underground parkings Kouter & Central are around the corner and cost around 16 euros for 24 hours

    • The Mansion - Underground parking Ramen is around the corner and costs around 16 euros for 24 hours

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