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We offer free streaming on our TVs:

  • Movies & series on Apple TV+, Netflix, VTM Go

  • News on CNN, France 24, VTM Go en NOS

  • YouTube, TED, kitchen stories recipes and a fireplace with sound if you want something different!

All these are free streaming so if the account is not working, please let us know and we will assist you.

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Heating / Cooling

Your room can be heated and some rooms can be cooled. The remote control is in your room. If you require more info on how to make it work, please let us know


There is a hairdryer in your room under your bathroom sink


Ghent is a foodie´s paradise! There are several fantastic dining options around. Our very own Lebanese restaurant Beiruti is under 15 mins by foot from here (Voldersstraat 13). Feel free to call ahead


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