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The House of Edward is located on the Edward Anseeleplein in Ghent, close to Baudelopark and the Vrijdagsmarkt. You will stay in a special place in the heart of Ghent.  

We are a self-hosting hotel. This means that you don't have to queue up at the reception desk to check in, because there is none! So no physical contact, but don't worry, our virtual butler is just an app away.  



Queen Room
Queen Studio



Studio with Terrace

The House of Edward is named after Edward Anseele, one of the greatest Belgian politicians of the last century. He was born in Ghent on June 25, 1856, the son of a shoemaker.  

When he was 21, he founded the Flemish Socialist Workers Party, the first socialist party in Belgium. This was followed in 1880 by the cooperative Vooruit.  This was the beginning of a complete range of cooperative enterprises that would create an industrial empire in the long run. In this way, Anseele tried to create a counterweight to capitalist enterprises and could support workers' actions. He was a man of the people and a voice for the people.  

In 1895, Anseele was elected as a municipal councillor in his home town of Ghent. In 1909 he became an alderman. During WW he refused any cooperation with the college of aldermen that the German occupiers installed in 1917.  

His moral principles and patriotism were tested when he was offered by the German invaders to become president of Belgium and abolish the kingdom, he refused. Because he was first and foremost a Belgian. 

Edward Anseele's moment of patriotism lives in The House of Edward, to shine a light on this moment in our wonderful history. 

After WWI, he became Minister of Public Works followed by Railways, Posts, Telegraphs and Telephony (until 1927), joined the same year by Aviation. In 1930 he was appointed Minister of State. 

Click here for a comprehensive biography of Edward Anseele.


Since 2020, Ghent is located in a Low Emission Zone. This means that older cars with high emissions are banned from the city centre in order to improve the air quality in the city. Check here whether your car meets the standards.

The House of Edward



 - Underground parking Vrijdagmarkt is around the corner and costs around 24 euros for 24 hours

 - You can park in the streets but make sure you choose an orange zone (6 euros per 24hours) as the red zone will cost much more (10 euros per 3 hours)

 - There are also several Park & Ride parkings around the city where you can leave your car for a very small fee or free and take public transportation into the city

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